We had multiple offers after the first open house

SUMMARY: Josh made the sale of our condo – while living on the other side of the country – painless. How is that even possible? Josh is amazing at his job, that’s how.

DETAILS: When we moved away from Boston, the market was such that we decided to rent out our condo rather than sell at a loss. Fast forward 4 years, we are living in Honolulu, and our life circumstances made it the right time to sell. We knew we weren’t going to make a huge profit – we just wanted to take the long-distance landlord burden off our shoulders and not lose our shirts. Good old Yelp led us to contact Josh.

From initial contact, Josh was knowledgeable, helpful and patient. He made genuine (for your benefit, not his) recommendations on timing, staging, fix-ups, pricing etc but was never pushy. He expertly maneuvered our condo onto the market so that we had multiple offers after the first open house. He then skillfully got the offers up to a price much higher than we ever expected. When it was paperwork time, he didn’t just forward and expect us to wade through it, he summarized it and when applicable, made a recommendation on what action to take and explained why. Being busy professionals who are not necessarily fluent in legal-ese, we appreciated this greatly. Bottom line: we sold for what we were hoping, which was more than we were expecting – which is pretty awesome in this market.

More than doing his job beautifully, Josh truly went above and beyond his scope of responsibilities. He coordinated with our tenants to get keys when they moved out. He forwarded mail to us. He coordinated a contractor to do some cosmetic work. Everything we could not do because we were physically not there, he kindly did for us. Never once did he make us feel like he was doing a big favor for us…even though he was. And most of all, he seems like a genuinely nice guy and was a pleasure to work with. We’d recommend him wholeheartedly to any of our Boston friends.