We always felt that Janis was on our side

I have multiple coworkers that have worked with Janis and Ellen. When it came time to buy our first single family home it was a no brainer who we would pick to help us with the process.

We primarily used Janis, but if she were not available for a showing Ellen would assist us. It took us a full  year to find a home, and that included 3 failed offers.

Janis would respond to our many questions within hours, and would have private showings requests setup within the day. She taught us a lot on what to look at regarding the bones of a home, and her eye always caught things that my husband and I may have overlooked. Saying she is patient is an understatement as my husband and I were pretty picky on what we wanted in a home. We looked to her a lot advice for and she never steered us wrong. We always felt that Janis was on our side, and she always stuck with home suggestions that were inside our first time homeowners budget.

I highly recommend both Janis and Ellen. They are professional, knowledgeable, and have relaxed personalities that always make you feel comfortable.