Our highest endorsement

Rave reviews for Josh Muncey. We recently worked with Josh on the purchase of our first home and are thrilled to give him our highest endorsement. Josh is different from other agents because he’s HONEST. When we wanted to put an offer on a place that missed some of our “must haves,” Josh talked us out of it. He put our needs as home buyers ahead of a sale. (And we ultimately purchased a property that was significantly nicer and included the “must haves.”). PATIENT: Josh patiently and thoughtfully answers questions. He takes the time to eliminate uncertainty and thinks before he speaks. In addition, he is very thorough and always makes sure his buyers are well informed and have access to reliable lenders, attorneys and home inspectors. SMART: Josh has a unique perspective on the market and understands how individual properties fit into the broader market context. He has a knack for asking sellers the right questions which adds value to the home buying process. Great experience working with Josh Muncey!