I recommend Josh Muncey to everyone I know

I recommend Josh Muncey to everyone I know. As first time home buyers looking to make a rather quick purchase, Josh came through as an incredibly well-informed, thoughtful and considerate realtor. He walked us through the entire process, making sure we knew what was expected of us, and him, every step of the way. He didn’t want us to rush our decision, and made sure we understood the magnitude of making such a big purchase. My husband and I really valued his quick responses to our many questions, and his proactive communication with all involved parties. When our slow-pace lender had issues, he handled our frustration and anxiety in a firm but professional manner, and was amazing at problem solving. We were so grateful for him during those last few weeks! In short, his suggestions were thorough and thoughtful–I never felt like he was doing this for himself and really had our best interests at heart. Our concerns, wish list and needs were always considered and met. And to top it off, he’s just a likable guy with great music playing while driving you around Boston…use him!