I honestly can’t imagine a better person to have on your team

When I was moving to Boston from Seattle, I knew I needed a realtor who knew the area and who would take my interests to heart. Josh is winner on both counts. Because we were coming from across the country, it was a HUGE advantage that Josh was willing to be flexible (cross-country Skype with a three hour time difference? No problem!) and that he was as excited to show us around, as we were to learn a new city. Josh took an entire weekend to drive us all over the city. Three weeks later, he did it again. Needless to say, Josh was expert at asking the right questions, and his contacts with everyone from contractors to home inspectors to other agents made the whole process less stressful, and more fun. I honestly can’t imagine a better person to have on your team. Josh took the time to learn who we are, and what we value, and then he tailored his searches around that. When we put in an offer (again, cross country, this time, while I was at a conference) Josh was 100% with us and helped ensure that we got into a place that completely fits our lifestyle and personalities.

To close, let me just comment on Josh as a person: Funny, laid back, easy to get along with. And add to that principled, thoughtful and generous. He also has a very sweet dog.